U.S. vs Netherlands: end of the American adventure at Qatar 2022

U.S. vs Netherlands: end of the American adventure at Qatar 2022

Marco Bettili

By Marco Bettili

December 15, 2022

United States failed to beat the Netherlands last week, achieving only one goal against the three inflicted by the Dutch.

With the result 3-1 in the round of 16, the American dream at the World Cup in Qatar ends.The only relief is the fact that the United States has defeated a European team only once in the past.

That was the celebrated 3-2 victory over Portugal in the World Cup held in Italy back in
1990.The Dutch nationalteam, on the other hand, was a World Cup finalist some 12 years ago, taking third place at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

But the Americans are already looking ahead to the next FIFA World Cup 2026, which will be hosted by both the United States, jointly with Canada and Mexico. In this occasion - for the first time in World Cup history - 48 teams will be present.

And in 2026 some of the best players in the U.S. national team such as Pulisic, Weston McKennie and Adams, will still be very young and because of that, the expectations will

The United States vs. Netherlands match

Christian Pulisic - number one on the U.S. team - recovered in time to take the field against the Dutch, despite the injury suffered shortly before, after a collision while
scoring Team USA's only goal against Iran. 

And just after the match began, thanks to a neat ball thrown by Tyler Adams, Pulisic looked to take his chance.  But he did not get enough of the ball on a shot from close range, and Dutch goalkeeper Andries Noppert reacted effectively.

Then, around the 10th minute, Dutchman Depay got past Adams, firing a cross into the net putting the Netherlands ahead 1-0, and later, Tim Weah shot from long range, but Noppert parried it by hitting it with his fist. 

In overtime of the first half, Dutchman Daley Blind fired a one-touch shot behind Matt Turner, securing his national team's 2-0 lead.

During the second half, the United States inserted 20-year-old striker Giovanni Reyna into the lineup, attempting a quick goal. 

The World Cup played by Reyna was criticized by fans and insiders alike, as the young athlete barely played in the group stage while preparing for Borussia Dortmund in Germany. 

The United States made more substitutions before the 70th minute, and in the 76th minute Haji Wright scored the American team's only goal.

But in the 81st minute the Netherlands had too much space and time to strike again, with Dumfries putting in behind Ream at the second post, scoring and putting the U.S. out of the game.

However, the United States still achieved a high goal at the World Cup Qatar 2022, which is to reach the round of 16. Moreover, they only conceded one goal before this match and beat Iran to advance to the round of 16.

Bottom Line

Gregg Berhalter -coach of the U.S. national team and bonus guide - kept his expectations high, considering that the United States was the second youngest team to participate in the 2022 World Cup. 

The events of the last
World Cup, showed fundamental differences between a historically solid European
team like the Netherlands and a young and emerging team like the United States.

In fact, many would have bet for the victory of team USA: this is also shown by the advantageous Bonus offered by bookmakers regarding this match.

The Netherlands was ruthlessly efficient, capitalizing on the US team's mistakes with a series of attacks that led to several goals. 

Now, the U.S. has four years to improve its technical and performance skills.

In short, hopes for a bright future for the U.S. national team are higher than ever, as the Qatar 2022 World Cup offered truly unique and exciting moments for U.S. football. 

And who knows that in the next FIFA World Cup, partly hosted by the U.S., the Americans may not surprise the public. 

Perhaps by getting the result their fans have been dreaming of for Qatar 2022 as well, as evidenced by
football fan's adherence to betting Bonus.